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Hina Luna

2024 Moon Calendar Print | Full

2024 Moon Calendar Print | Full

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Back for its sixth year, Hina Luna’s illustrated moon calendar is back with two all new designs for 2024.

Now offering two versions (simplified or full) in two options (physical print or digital download).

FULL: Features all moon phases for every day of the year and their corresponding astrological signs. Equinox and Solstice days are also included for marking the turn of the seasons. There are illustrated keys along the side and bottom to refer to and help guide you.

Created in universal time (UTC) to serve you wherever you are in the world.

This lunar calendar is both a lovely art print and a tool intended to support you in deepening your connection to nature and self by following the cyclical rhythms of the moon.

The botanical illustrations that adorn it feature Goldenrod and Black Eyed Susan flowers. Goldenrod flower (common name) is scientifically known as Solidago (Latin) — solido meaning ‘heal’ and ago meaning ‘to make.’ It is a bright, fortuitous symbol of encouragement, positivity, and the celebration of new beginnings and the delivery of positive messages. Rudbeckia Hirta (commonly known as Black Eyed Susan) is an encouraging symbol of motivation, endurance, justice, and truth. For fellow tarot enthusiasts, 2024 corresponds with the Justice card which these botanical symbols are also an interpretation of — a reminder to stay vigilant on the path to collective healing and wellbeing.

Designed by Hina Luna
Printed by a small print shop in the USA


Comes in a protective plant based, biodegradable clear sleeve with a paper insert explaining the intention and plant symbology, perfect for gifting.

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