Thoughtfully crafted and curated offerings for body, altar and home

Hina Luna is a devotion to simple pleasures, personal talismans, kitchen table culture, ancestral connection, and purposeful beauty made well.

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Seasonal Picks

A folded stack of plant dyed organic cotton flour sack kitchen towels in tones of indigo blue to soft blush pink to terracotta.

The Cucina Towel

A work-horse and essential kitchen ally — but make it beautiful. Plant dyed organic cottons = chef’s kiss

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A plant dyed stack of Body Altar Home Tees with an apricot colored rose

Body Altar Home Tees

The simple beauty of hemp + organic cotton + plant dyes offering a daily wearable reminder of your magic.

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Plant dyed cottage trimmed napkins in indigo, plum blossom and citron

Buon Appetito

Fresh plant dyed reusable linens for setting the table al fresco during these warmer months.

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Guided by values for the good of people + planet

Plastic-Free Packaging

All packages are lovingly shipped in biodegradable, plastic-free, and sometimes reused materials that can quickly and safely reintegrate back into the earth. Just another thing you can feel good about when your order arrives. Learn more about Hina Luna’s commitments

Hina Luna’s shipping materials are all plastic free and biodegradable
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Love In Action

Every moon cycle, Hina Luna highlights a grassroots organization invested in human rights, climate justice and empowering marginalized groups. See who we’re learning about this month and how we can get involved.

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Seasonal Inspiration From the bLog

New posts are shared every new and full moon to inspire a moment of pause. Brew a cup and dive into reflections on creativity, ancestral connection, living slow with intention, behind the scenes updates from the Hina Luna studio, and seasonal practices for connecting with spirit and self.

Cultivating Connection With The Plants

Relationship building is gorgeously slow. A complexity of layers are revealed when we commit our presence and dedicate to an investment of time. Whether you identify as a horticulturist or an urban house-plant parent, how are you cultivating your relationship with the plant beings? Plus some treasures you can find through Hina Luna to support your growing relationship.

Love In Action Full Moon Feature | AAPI Women Lead

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month and this moon’s Love In Action shines a light on a women-led organization that was created based upon personal and political needs for there to be more accurate and diverse representation of AAPI self-identified women and girls in the United States.

The Things That Help Carry Us Through

Thoughts on taking care and getting through times of collective hardship.
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Welcome to Hina Luna

I’m Haley, the artist, curator, and tintore (dyer) behind Hina Luna. This is a gathering place for feeling inspired to live life more slowly and thoughtfully, in connection to yourself, to the simple beauty and pleasures that exist all around you, to the thread that connects you to the tapestry of your ancestors, and to remind you of your magic.

The tools, talismans and artworks you’ll find here are intended to be as purposeful as they are beautiful; items to support your journey in living a more connected life. Learn more about Haley

Portrait of Haley, the maker behind Hina Luna. She has brown hair and is smiling and wearing an ochre colored shirt and gold necklaces.
A found image of a vintage al fresco table scene

Current Inspiration

Anthotype printing, summer symbolism, flower gardens, deep rest, home.

Plant Dyes and Divine Lunation

Here, Haley chats with Sera of SunMoon and is asked four potent questions pertaining to her craft. The conversation gets into the deeper meaning behind Hina Luna, ancestral influence, magical experiences, and relationship with the earth. Read it here

Haley holds out her hand, stained blue with indigo.
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Inspiring connection.

Hina Luna is a creative inquiry bridging the connections between body, altar, and home. This is expressed through thoughtful offerings of seasonally-released plant-dyed goods made in a home-studio in Hawai’i as well as a rotation of curated treasures made by other artisans and independent makers that can be found in the shop year-round.