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A peek behind an open shutter into a bed with layered block printed pillows adorned in botanical images, an open book, a candle, and a bundle of snap dragons

From textiles to paper to the occasional garment, Hina Luna’s studio-made works explore the magic of plant derived color and the power of symbolism.

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A luxurious care package of Hina Luna favorites intended for deepening into the pleasures of botanical beauty.

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For The Good Of People And Planet

Plastic-free shipping materials

With consideration of our earth, orders are lovingly packaged and shipped in biodegradable, plastic-free, and reused materials that can quickly and safely compost back into the earth.

Ethically sourced goods

All offerings are carefully chosen for their mindful creation practices, natural materials, and the individuals that make them. These items are quality made so they won’t quickly end up in the landfill and are intended to serve a purpose and be treasured for many moons to come.

Supporting small makers & artists

Hina Luna prioritizes sourcing products made by Hawaiian, women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ makers and artisans. As a solo-person-owned, woman-led creative business, it is important to Hina Luna to invest in these communities of makers and provide a platform that amplifies them and their works and that contributes to more equitable wealth distribution.

Prioritizing natural materials

Hina Luna values quality made, and also, nothing lasts forever (except plastic). When sourcing new treasures, Hina Luna seeks items composed of natural materials, so that when needed, they can easily reintergrate back into the earth. For Hina Luna’s textile goods, quality organic and carefully chosen second-hand natural fabrics are used in combination with sustainable plant dyes.


Meet Haley

I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m Haley, the artist and curator behind Hina Luna. It is my intention to create gathering places for feeling inspired to live life more slowly and thoughtfully, in connection to yourself, to the simple beauty and pleasures that exist all around you, to the thread that connects you to the tapestry of your ancestors, and to remind you of your magic. The tools, talismans and artworks you’ll find here are intended to be as purposeful as they are beautiful; items to support your journey in living a more connected life.

Haley’s Story

Haley’s Favorite Things

A current selection of personally treasured picks from Hina Luna’s creator


Hina Luna’s Journal

  • Illustrated sea shell

    Ancestral Connection

    Developing a connection to one’s ancestry can provide a guiding light in life, a beacon of belonging and sense of place. The ancestors can be our own family lineage, the greater web of nature, or our connection to the constellation of the beyond. Knowing where we’ve been can support us on our journey to where we’re going.

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  • Seasonal Guidance

    Living in rhythm with the cycles of the seasons enables the superpower of deep listening. By slowing down and tuning in to what’s happening in nature, we are offered opportunities to better care for bodies, our altars, our homes, and experience more simple pleasures.

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  • Illustrated wave

    Creativity & Everyday Magic

    We are all creative beings. Whether you’re wielding a paintbrush, organizing a plan, setting the table or setting a mood, these are all examples of the creative soul at work. On a quest for more pleasure in life, Hina Luna explores the ways we can tend to our creative fires and flow in the currents of what inspires us.

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  • Illustrated match

    Love In Action

    Born from Hina Luna’s Full Moon Missive monthly newsletters, these features are intended to connect, educate, and motivate all of us to express the love we feel for all of the big things happening in the world through tangible actions within our capacity. These entries highlight inspiring grassroots organizations and individuals who are working towards justice and equity for both people and the earth, and you are invited to learn, share and participate however you can.

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