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Haley Michele Graham

weIcome, I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m Haley, the multidisciplinary creative behind Hina Luna. I am an artist, writer, simple pleasure seeker and space beautifier making home and tending life on Hawai’i Island. It is my intention to create spaces that inspire a life lived slowly, in connection to ourselves, to the beauty and pleasures that exist all around us, to the threads that connects us to the tapestry of our ancestors, and to the things that remind us of our unique magic. The seasonal shop offerings, inspired writings, and experiences you’ll find here are intended to support your journey to living a more connected and beautiful life. I hope something here lights the match in your heart.

Haley’s Story


Writing On The Things That Connect Us

  • Illustrated sea shell

    Ancestral Connection

    Developing a connection to one’s ancestry can provide a guiding light in life, a beacon of belonging and sense of place. The ancestors can be our own family lineage, the greater web of nature, or our connection to the constellation of the beyond. Knowing where we’ve been can support us on our journey to where we’re going.

  • Slow Living

    Living in connection with the cycles of the seasons and in connection to the natural world enables the superpower of deep listening. By slowing down and tuning in to what’s happening around us, we are offered opportunities to better care for bodies, our homes, and our communities and experience more simple pleasures.

  • Illustrated wave

    Creativity & Finding Magic In The Mundane

    We are all creative beings. Whether you’re wielding a paintbrush, organizing a plan, setting the table or setting a mood, these are all examples of the creative soul at work. On a quest for more pleasure in life, Hina Luna explores the ways we can tend to our creative fires and flow in the currents of what inspires us.

Music as a balm

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