Thoughtfully crafted and curated offerings for body, altar and home

Hina Luna is a creative inquiry bridging the connections between body, altar, and home. This is expressed through seasonally-released offerings made in a home-studio in Hawai’i as well as a rotation of carefully curated treasures made by other independent makers that can be found in the shop year-round. Everything you find here is a devotion to simple pleasures, personal talismans, kitchen table culture, ancestral connection, and purposeful beauty made well.

Big news: I opened a brick and mortar!

I am so excited to share that you can now shop in person at my new brick and mortar in Hāwī on Hawai’i Island. A long time dream has come true! Find all things Hina Luna amongst a thoughtful collection of wellmade things for home. Featuring treasures from Hawai’i’s local makers and artisans and beyond.

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Seasonal Simple pleasures

An assortment of beeswax taper candles adorned with pressed flowers.

Return Of The Flowers

Ideal for the bedside, the dinner table, the altar, a soft glow to journal to. Grown, pressed and dipped all in-house by a one-women candle co.

Find your perfect pair
A Hina Luna body, altar, home tee resting on the rocks by the ocean.

A Reminder Of Your Magic

Soft organic hemp and cotton to adorn your body — your altar, your home. Designed by Hina Luna and screenprinted in California.

Adorn with intention

Last Chance Sale

Letterpress printed for a special handmade touch, this annual favorite returns for its 5th year, and now offered at a deep discount.

Follow the moon
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Guided by values for the good of people + planet

Plastic-Free Packaging

All packages are lovingly shipped in biodegradable, plastic-free, and sometimes reused materials that can quickly and safely reintegrate back into the earth. Just another thing you can feel good about when your order arrives. Learn more about Hina Luna’s commitments

Hina Luna’s shipping materials are all biodegradable and paper based
An unlit match leans towards a lit match

Love In Action

Every moon cycle in the newsletter and blog spaces, Hina Luna highlights a grassroots organization invested in human rights, climate justice and empowering marginalized groups. The intention is to inspire us all to find points of connection while supporting our fellow humans — to express our love through action.

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Seasonal Inspiration From the bLog

Brew a cup and dive into reflections on creativity, ancestral connection, living slow with intention, behind the scenes updates from the Hina Luna studio, and seasonal practices for connecting with spirit and self.

Spring Cleaning Exercise | Taking A Personal Inventory

The seasons are changing and so are we. Themes of balance are swirling all around us now; renewal and decay, emergence and retreat, life and death. As we seek ways to rebalance, it is necessary to set down our baggage and reevaluate so as to travel lighter as we journey onward into the season. So with all of your “belongings” laid out in front of you, what will you choose to take?

The Liminal Space of Equinox Season

Half moon. Half year. Half way points. The balance between a perceived beginning and end. It’s a natural central axis point, a rest stop and a prime time for dropping in, tuning in, and checking in. How are you feeling? Here are some prompts to ponder while we dwell in the in-between phase.

PSA: Simple Pleasures Are Abundant [and Free]

In an age where everything has been commodified, it feels of utmost importance to remind you that pleasure is free. While connection and comfort can come from things and experiences purchased, there is an added sense of pleasure in the liberation of feeling joy at no cost. Here are some prompts to help you connect to the simple pleasures around you right now...
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Inspiring Connection

I’m Haley, the artist and tintora (dyer) behind Hina Luna and owner and curator of Nido, a brick and mortar shop on Hawai’i island. It is my intention to create gathering places for feeling inspired to live life more slowly and thoughtfully, in connection to yourself, to the simple beauty and pleasures that exist all around you, to the thread that connects you to the tapestry of your ancestors, and to remind you of your magic.

The tools, talismans and artworks you’ll find here are intended to be as purposeful as they are beautiful; items to support your journey in living a more connected life.

Learn more about Haley

Portrait of Haley, the maker behind Hina Luna. She has brown hair and is smiling and wearing an ochre colored shirt and gold necklaces.
Two terracotta pink colored taper candles adorned with dried flowers. They are in brass candlesticks and lit.

Current Musings

Slow burn, rose energy: tenderness and strong boundaries, surrender and advocation, real self care. This playlist

Plant Dyes, The Moon and The Ancestors

Listen to this episode of the Ruted In Nourishment podcast where Haley shares about her creative practice with plants and how the moon and ancestral veneration influence Hina Luna. Listen here

Haley holds out her hand, stained blue with indigo.
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