Inspiration Board: A Visual Diary

The change of the seasons reliably delivers fresh inspiration. For me it feels like my creative energy is the liquid in a pot and seasonal inspiration is the big wooden spoon stirring things up, round and round, sending my creativity off into a momentum driven swirl of new possibility. Each season carries a mood, a tone that each year is unique unto itself.

On the homepage I share some of my current inspirations and seasonal musings that are stirring the pot of Hina Luna. This feature gets updated fairly often as new symbology, sounds, experiences, and aesthetics enter into my creative field and captivate my attention. At this time, that’s looking like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream, picnics, naps, poetry, bonfires, the garden, and this playlist: “Songs to Picnic To”

Also, this inspiration board, that I’ve been slowly curating, of images, scenes, creations, and color palettes that feel resonant with the current mood Hina Luna is in. In those moments when it’s hard to find all of the words to define why something inspires and aligns, sometimes an image — or collection of — can speak volumes. So here is the ever-evolving inspiration board for this current phase in the life of Hina Luna.

Take a visual journey into Hina Luna’s world of inspiration

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