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  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | Pride For The LGBTQ+ Community

    The ACLU works to ensure that LGBTQ+ people belong everywhere and can live openly and authentically without discrimination, harassment, or violence. Because what more basic, deserved, and dignifying human right is there than to know that you belong. This Pride Month, find out how you can take effective action to protecting the safety and visibility of our LGBTQ+ community, neighbors, and friends.

  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | AAPI Women Lead

    May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month and this moon’s Love In Action shines a light on a women-led organization that was created based upon personal and political needs for there to be more accurate and diverse representation of AAPI self-identified women and girls in the United States.
  • Cultivating Connection With The Plants

    Relationship building is gorgeously slow. A complexity of layers are revealed when we commit our presence and dedicate to an investment of time. Whether you identify as a horticulturist or an urban house-plant parent, how are you cultivating your relationship with the plant beings? Plus some treasures you can find through Hina Luna to support your growing relationship.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | Black Feast

    Activism doesn’t always look like a hard push against. This month’s feature offers us another way; another path of resistance, one of restoration, of community building, of service, of proliferating experiences of joy — and they do it in a delicious way.
  • New Moon Practices That Turn The Ordinary Into Ritual

    The new moon is an invitation to release and clear away to make space for the new. Here are some potent new moon practices for anyone seeking rhythm and ritual without the performance.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | Culturally Rooted Birth Practices

    Accessibility begins at birth. Kalauokekahuli strives to provide access to high quality prenatal, birth, and postpartum services, to create more positive birth and postpartum outcomes for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. Find out how you can support their work and the future generations of Indigenous people.
  • The Things That Help Carry Us Through

    Thoughts on taking care and getting through times of collective hardship.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | The Pōpolo Project

    Hawai`i has become a nation of mixed heritage. The plantation era in the islands introduced a variety of rich cultural histories among which is a shared story of the effects of colonization, a story Native Hawaiians know too well. This era also birthed a story around racial identity and discrimination in the islands that is layered and nuanced, and in recent years, there also exists an organization working to unfold these layers and offer healing.
  • Reflecting On Love Languages And A Declaration For Self Devotion

    Here are a series of reflection questions on the subject of love for getting clear and translating your own needs to yourself. Among them is a big question that feels like the all encompassing tone for what I wish for us all on Valentine’s Day, and always.
  • Reclaim The Day: Imbuing New Intention Into Valentine’s Season

    I’m here to advocate for taking Valentine’s Day back from the big card companies — to transform any less-than-fuzzy-feelings we may currently harbor and reclaim the day. Read on to reflect on how you can imbue the childlike joy for Valentines back into our grown up version of the day —without all the pressure.
  • A Deep Dive Into Venusian Influences And The Body, Altar, Home Tees

    An offering for us and our bodies, altars, and homes. I invite you to join me in a deep dive through the conceptual themes, questions, revelations, and reflections inspiring the Body, Altar, Home tees.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | ACLU And Our Right To Vote

    Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the fundamental right upon which all our civil liberties rest. Many states are making it harder for people of color, the elderly, students, and people with disabilities to vote but the ACLU is working to protect and expand those rights. Learn about what’s at stake and how we can get involved to secure all peoples’ right to cast a ballot.