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  • 10 Small Businesses I Love And That Are On My Wishlist

    My favorite small business owners are people creating from the heart and doing good for the greater collective through their work. Small Business Saturday is just one day out of the whole year where wonderful folks are spotlighted but my hope is that together we can normalize supporting small businesses today and every day. Here is a short-list of some of my current favorites.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

    The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition was created to support the healing of inter-generational traumas and the social, emotional, spiritual, and cultural devastation from boarding school experiences affecting Native American individuals, families, communities and Tribal Nations today. Reparations are due. Join Hina Luna in learning more and supporting in solidarity.
  • Shopping Our Values For The Holidays (And Always)

    Every purchase we make is affirming the actions and choices of the business we’re buying from and how they produce their product. So who are you advocating for? What are your values and how do you shop them? Here are some reflection questions to get clear on your shopping values and ways to stay committed to them.
  • It’s November! A Look At New Treasures That Have Arrived This Week

    November is here! As the holidays are drawing nearer, new things are still arriving to the shop. Here’s a look at the treasures that arrived this week and a proclamation on shopping your values with Hina Luna.
  • An Inspired Gift Guide For Shopping Small This Holiday

    For many there is much to balance as the holidays inch closer or perhaps there’s the desire to give but the inspiration as to what is hard to muster. Hina Luna’s new seasonal gift guides are here to help! Here are six gifting collections to inspire your giving heart.

  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | `Āina Momona

    For Hawaiians, the land is not separate from the body. To care for the land is both an act of self care and a devotion to the ancestors, a reciprocal ecological relationship. ‘Āina Momona is an Indigenous-led organization working in grassroots communities to restore fragile ecosystems, promote cultural rights and practices, enhance community well-being, and advocate for native rights and social justice. Join me in learning more, sharing their work, and making a donation in solidarity.
  • Birthday Reflections And A Family Recipe

    Birthdays have for me become less about acknowledgment and more about reflecting on my personal new-year. As I’ve connected more with my ancestral work, it has also become a time of deeper love for my ancestors, gratitude for the galaxy of complex humans who are the reason I am here today living this life. Food is central to my celebrating. Here is a family recipe I make on my own birthdays that I hope will bring joy to you too.
  • Your Guide To Holiday Shopping + Shipping 2021

    Earlier this week, all major shipping carriers announced that they anticipate longer delays and cost increases through the end of the year. Here’s what you need to know along with a guarantee from Hina Luna as we navigate the obstacles of holiday shipping together.
  • The Value Of Your Pre-Order To This Very Small Business

    A micro business relies much on its community. One of the things I appreciate most about the relationship between bitty-businesses and their supporters is the understanding that good things take time — you are here because this is not Amazon. Here’s why the pre-order model is beneficial for many reasons (for both you and me!) and is key in supporting small businesses and working artists.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | The Cultural Conservancy

    The Cultural Conservancy is a Native-led non-profit organization working to protect and restore Indigenous cultures by empowering them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands, grounded in reciprocity. This month, I invite you to join me in donating to and uplifting their good work. Read on to learn more about this vital project.
  • Seasonal Reflections | Notes on Equinox

    Half moon. Half year. Half way points. The balance between a perceived beginning and end. It’s a natural central axis point, a rest stop and a prime time for dropping in, tuning in, and checking in. How are you feeling? Here are some prompts to ponder while we dwell in the in-between phase.
  • The Magic and Messages In Symbolic Patterns

    Do you see the same sequence of numbers over and over? Does an animal familiar appear to you more often than to merely be a coincidence? There is a mysterious magic in the messages of symbolic pattern. Here I share my personal pattern that I’ve seen almost daily for the past 20 years, as well as some reflection questions that might help you decode what messages are being shared with you.