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  • Simple Solstice Rituals for Connecting with the Energies + Elements of Summer

    The wheel of the year, meaning the months and seasons within a year, corresponds with the phases of the moon, directions [north, east, south, and west], and is associated with each of the earthly elements [earth, air, fire, and water]. Here are some simple rituals and practices for connecting with the summer season.
  • A Post-Release Update: Intention In Every Step

    As I create these pieces, share them, and then witness you engage with them, my intention is that every step be imbued with an experience that feels like rest for you — a moment of pause to drink in some beauty inspired by nature. In honor of the offerings themselves and the many hours that go into their creation, and in honor of you, the one to connect with them and call them in, it’s important to me that they are presented with as much love and intention as went into making them.
  • Summer Solstice Collection Inspiration

    On June 10th, a new moon solar eclipse, Hina Luna is releasing a Summer Solstice Collection of offerings adorned in hand printed fragrant, ornamental, and edible plants to delight your imaginary senses. Get ready to elevate your sleeping space or favorite nap time nook...
  • Creating Without Attachment To Outcome

    How spending an afternoon painting moons felt like creative rest and reminded me of a gem quote by Pablo Picasso that serves as a reminder for all creative folks.
  • Resisting Capitalism As a Small Business

    As a working creative person, there is an exuberant amount of pressure to produce and to do so consistently. We must keep up or risk fading away; stay relevant or be forgotten. So how do we, as conscious business owners and makers, resist this system while offering our things and ideas for sale?
  • Creative Over-Inspiration | What It Is and What To Do About It

    Maybe you’re like me and have notebooks of scribbled inspirations that if you were to actually pursue them all you’d be busy for lifetimes. It’s not a bad place to be, over-inspired, but it can also be energetically paralyzing. Here are some simple practices from someone who often finds herself creatively over-inspired on how to clarify and simplify your brainstorm of good ideas and decide what to say ‘yes’ to.
  • The Magic and Mundanity of Death and Grief

    After this past week, I know three things to be true: Grief is exhausting. Loss is a layered experience. Death is both magical and mundane. A new angel sits on my altar — Last Saturday, on May Day, I said goodbye to my long time animal companion. Here’s what I’m currently processing, the unexpected beauty I’ve experienced, and why grief is both nonlinear and ironically alive.

  • The Magic Of Tarot + My New Favorite Deck

    I’m pretty sure I wept a little when I first opened the box and thumbed through the cards in my hands. Each one, a visually gentle, tender expression of the deeply symbolic messages; the figures in them feel like old friends, grandparents, ancestors. The Future Ancestor Tarot is my new favorite deck to work with as it feels gently supportive at this time of great collective change and grief for so many things. To guide us, I pulled two cards from this deck for the collective — here’s what came through.
  • An Update From the Studio + A First Look

    There’s much happening behind the scenes of Hina Luna lately and it’s been some time since I’ve given a glimpse past the curtain. You could say Spring is having its effect on things around here, stirring the pot of ideas, shaking out the rugs of the mind, opening the windows of creativity; Hina Luna is feeling activated and inspired; a vessel open. Here’s an update!
  • Seasonal Inspiration | Curating Your Own Picnic Set

    If you’re feeling the call this season to take your meals outdoors and also relish in the joy of having something to thrift for, then consider these inexpensive items for your personally curated dream picnic set...
  • How to Surrender to the Spirit of Creativity.

    I imagine the spirit of creativity as a ready and willing collaborator that is magnetized to the potential of an open vessel, being the heart and mind of you or me or somebody else. Consider your idea as a houseguest, merely a visitor stopping in with hopes for some of your time and attention. This visitor always arrives unannounced and you may not always feel prepared to entertain them. If you’re fluttering about tending to other obligations, your guest may stay for a while but will eventually decide it’s time to show themself out — and you might even be too preoccupied to notice until some time later when you see your guest having tea through your neighbor’s window!... So, in those magic moments, when we suddenly feel filled with or possessed by the spirit of creativity, how do we surrender?
  • Seasonal Exercise | A Personal Spring Cleaning.

    The seasons are changing and so are we. Themes of balance are swirling all around us now; renewal and decay, emergence and retreat, life and death. As we seek ways to rebalance, it is necessary to set down our baggage and reevaluate so as to travel lighter as we journey onward into the season. So with all of your “belongings” laid out in front of you, what will you choose to take?