Meet Haley

Photo of Hina Luna’s owner and creator, Haley


 artist and curator of Hina Luna

Sprouted in Northern California, now replanted and well rooted on Hawai'i Island, I am a lifelong art maker, nature lover, relic worshipper and adornment enthusiast. My inspiration blooms from the places I call home [including my own ancestral lands], from the practice of everyday personal rituals, and my experience of just being in the world.

Painting and drawing has always been my first love and was the focus of my studies during my school years. It is through my experience as a painter that I became enraptured with color and concept and found that I could express all of the things in my heart and mind through symbolism. When I moved to Hawai’i in 2012, I cultivated my relationship with the plant world, which has deepened and expanded in more ways than I ever could have expected since venturing into the world of plant dyes in 2016.

For several years, I have been reweaving the threads that is the tapestry of my own ancestry. Reconnecting to the people who came before me and the lands they hail from has become a guiding light along my journey with Hina Luna.

I find joy in creating beautiful meals with humble ingredients, hosting good company around the table, my three black cats and small herd of goats, and sitting around a fire with my partner after a full day tending to the land.