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Hina Luna

‘Magia’ Plant Dyed Altar Cloth

‘Magia’ Plant Dyed Altar Cloth

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For wrapping and containing objects of affection, for supporting your tarot spread, for adorning an ancestral altar, as a center piece to your meal table, or as a wall hanging to remind you — for wherever your personal altar may be.

Adorned in hand carved and printed imagery to symbolize the incubative magic of liminal spaces. The transition of seasons. The pause. The space between the end and the beginning. 

Symbols: an earthen vase, pikake jasmine blossoms, sun and moon, rose hips, the ever flowing symbol of infinity (also a nod to ouroboros, a representation of perpetual change and the eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation).

✷ Naturally dyed with indigo [natural variations are to be expected; may you embrace them]

✷ Measures approx. 19” square

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