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Hina Luna

2023 Moon Calendar

2023 Moon Calendar

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This seasonal favorite is back for its fifth year with an all new design for 2023. Featuring all of the new, full, and quarter moon phases and corresponding astrological signs for the year as well as the equinox and solstice days. Illustrated key included to guide you.

Intended to support you in deepening your connection to nature and self by following the cyclical rhythms of the moon.

Letterpress printed in dusky blue and earthy golden clay illustrated interpretations of the Chariot tarot card, our guide for the 2023 year. The Chariot is our reminder of the personal “victories” and successes that result from doing the work to live by our truest values; of what it is to emerge on the other side. This theme is symbolically represented by pomegranate for its connection to Persephone and the underworld journey as well as the jewels inside, orange citrus as a symbol of one’s personal definitions of wealth, lit candles for inspiration and motivation, laurel branches for victory, and honey for the sweetness of life.

Designed by Hina Luna
Letterpress printed in the Portland, Oregon


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