Natural Dye Care

Caring for plant dyed textiles is fairly simple and requires a little extra attention. For plant dyed goods, hand-washing with eco friendly neutral soap [free of bleach or chemicals that could potentially shift the natural colors] and air drying is when can is the most gentle and will extend the lifespan of your fabrics. Otherwise machine wash gentle with eco friendly neutral soap and hang to dry or tumble dry on low for extra softness.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and excessive washing may cause fading and/or changing of natural dye colors over time. It’s part of the beauty of living colors. Proper fiber preparation has been done to ensure these natural colors remain stable as long as possible but variations are natural and are to be expected. They are what make your plant dyed piece truly one of a kind — embrace them!

These few extra efforts will support your pieces in remaining in their best condition for many moons to come.