Year’s End Reflections

Every winter as the year winds to a close, I spend much time reflecting on the new year ahead for Hina Luna. I sit, in the rooms of my heart and dreaming mind, with my offerings laid out before me, and I take an inventory.

What of these tangible treasures align the most with my creative vision and intent?

What spoke to my community this year?

What have we outgrown?

This is when studio-made creations make their way from the ethers to my hands, when epiphanies for revisions appear, and when the decision is made for some to rest in the archives.

This holiday season, all of this year’s collection of altar cloths have found their homes (expect one saved, but stay tuned for more on that very soon!). I’ve been sensing some changes are on the horizon with this offering and while I take some time this winter to work out what that looks like, I’ve decided to press pause on them indefinitely. Currently, the task at hand is figuring out how to weave all of my altar cloth revision ideas together into one cohesive new offering.

Ultimately, from the inspiration notes I’ve taken, the aesthetic muses I’ve saved, the re-meditation on my intention statement, the essence remains the same — a creative inquiry into connecting the concepts of body, altar, and home through offerings that are beautiful, purposeful, and well made. What calls for the year ahead is deeper personalization, heirlooms, quiet everyday rituals, and rounding up more of my personal favorites — the things that make my heart sing and bring purposeful beauty into my life — to share with you.

One more thing. I have a secret project I’ve been working on, a big part of which just arrived in the mail from a collaborator today! I expected to release this offering before the year’s end but now as I sit here writing this — in the quiet of my home, rain outside — I’m considering savoring this project through the winter to be saved for a later date. Something slow and steady to work on after the holidays, to release without a rush.

Looking forward to sharing more soon.

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