The Value Of Your Pre-Order To This Very Small Business

As an artist, the state of my creative inspiration from season to season determines the available offerings you see in the shop. Being mama to a very small — micro, even — business though, requires some level of foresight for what I think you want. Honestly, I love both roles! Creating from my own heart-space, sitting in conversation with the inspirations that surface, and also considering the desires of my audience, my community.

Creating Something Better, Together

A micro business relies much on its community. One of the things I appreciate most about the relationship between bitty-businesses and their supporters is the understanding that good things take time — you are here because this is not Amazon. You value handmade and slow, thoughtful process. You are empathetic to the humans behind the scenes, including the mail carriers who get your package to you for relatively little. You know that you might be able to find the same book for slightly less from a corporate online retailer, but you don’t because you believe in the very big effect of shopping small. 

You believe in community building and curating thoughtfully made treasures with a story. I see you and I thank you.

Worth The Wait

Supporting small businesses and working artists can require a little patience on part of the customer. One, because likely it’s just one human doing it all (👋) and two, because your goods are often times made to order. It’s not conducive to want-it-now buyers, but that’s part of the resistance, the refusal to cater to that level of grind. Much of Hina Luna’s ethos rests in being thoughtful and intentional with the objects we interact with daily, and while I value consistency and a certain level of timeliness in my own process, I am a grateful member of the greater web of the Slow Movement.

The Value Of The Preorder (For You and Me!)

As a working artist and small business owner, I have come to appreciate the model of a good pre-order. What is a pre-order? A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has not yet been released. There are a few reasons why a business might offer this, but for small business and makers of handmade goods like myself, a pre-order supports us in understanding the level of demand before we begin creating. This helps us to allocate resources, conserve materials, waste less, be able to afford production costs, and it also guarantees the customer the thing they want before it has a chance to sell out. 

For a long time I feared offering anything “made to order” because I didn’t want to make my customers wait — I was still in the process of reconditioning myself from the pressures of capitalism (more on that here…). As a customer myself though, I’ve purchased pre-order items from makers and enjoyed the anticipation of awaiting my new treasure. How exciting the day is when it arrives in the mail! I then realized that because of all the wonderful reasons I mentioned in the beginning, that my customers actually didn’t mind waiting on preorders from me either! They are folks who are savvy to the road of shopping small or are new to it but value the hands and the heart behind the process over the instant gratification brought to us by the Amazon age.

Why Yes, Pre-Orders Are Open, Thanks For Asking!

I promise all that wasn’t solely a lead up to sharing that Hina Luna has two preorders open this week! This adoration for the slow and the intentional is the heartbeat of Hina Luna. And as part of my own capitalism-recovery-plan, this season I have opened up two preorders — one for the block printed botanical Linen Pillowcase Sets (here and here) and one for the block printed Linen Pinafore Aprons (here, here and here), all of which can be found under the Home collection in the shop.


[the Magic Maker Linen Pinafore Apron, one of three colors and designs currently open for pre-order]

[Linen Pillowcase Sets currently available for pre-order. Featuring two block printed designs, Fig and Rose, along with fellow plant allies that support the dream realm and creative visions.]


The pre-order window is set to close next week. Without intending to contribute to the scarcity tactic used by many business to create a sense of shopping urgency, I want to very calmly share that this will be the last batch of both of these items for 2021. With mail services expected to bog down again this holiday season, I am offering these two shop favorites early so that you may receive them early. They make wonderful gifts, especially as many of us might be spending more time in the altar that is our kitchens and hopefully resting more in our cozy beds as the year comes to a close.

And if this supports you, I am happy to share that Hina Luna now offers AfterPay, giving you the opportunity to shop now and pay later in installments. 

As always, I feel grounded, hopeful, and held by the community that has been created through Hina Luna. Thank you for being a part of it.

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