The Season of The Ancestors.

October is my birth month and a time during the wheel of the year when the veil is thin between the earthly and the spirit realms. Reflecting on my own life during my personal new year, I also think about the people involved in getting me here — generations and generations of ancestors. As I age, my rituals grow quieter, more intimate, more personal, more ordinary. As I learn more about and feel into my lineage, I find magic in everyday practices like cooking a meal, spending an afternoon in the garden, or setting the scene to host a good gathering.

This is how I talk to my ancestors, by inviting them into my space while I engage in the practices I know they also participated in. In these moments, I like to allow my intuition to lead, imagining this is them working through me. This is not an elaborate ritual, in fact, it’s quite simple. For me, this is my natural way of practicing magic and of communing with the spirit realm.

I don’t believe that one needs to know the names or faces of their people in order to feel them and connect with them.

you are the house of your ancestors.

By simply caring for your self, you are honoring your ancestors. And also, if you have living relatives with stories and information, seek them. Treasure awaits you, I am sure. Even if you have just one name, start searching. There is an opportunity there to know yourself in a new way.



Whether or not you know the names or faces of your ancestors, is there a time when you feel they are present?

Where are you when you sense this? What are you doing?

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