The Magic and Messages In Symbolic Patterns

It feels akin to feeding pocket change into one of those silly fortune telling machines, the ones that spit out a prediction of your future or an answer to the secret question you asked from inside your head. Yet, even still acknowledging the blatant shallow interpretation of a deeper study, I am shamelessly still that person who is amused by newspaper horoscopes and company, which may be why I now can’t help but be typing my full birth name into an online name numerology calculator. Shamelessly feeding theoretical pocket change in exchange for a cheap mystical thrill that I will take with a grain of salt (and mull over for the rest of day).

But in all sincerity, what I do believe in is the existence of messages; from where they come — the subconscious, the Universe, the ancestors, our own presence — I am not certain. Throughout my life symbolic messages have appeared to me in the form of creatures (like the honeybee), through music (associated with my ancestors), and most frequently through numbers.

My knowledge of numerology does not extend past the point of borrowing some library books on the topic in my early twenties, perhaps with hopes of solving a personal mystery which continues to this day. I have seen the same number sequence regularly since I was about eleven years old. 911 has caught my eye as often as twice a day for approximately twenty years, and while I don’t yet know what it means, I do know that it can’t mean nothing.


*Pause for those who are unfamiliar*

What is numerology?

“Numerology represents a form of astrology dealing with the study of numbers, relations between numbers and coinciding, observed events.”

Name or word numerology is calculated by converting each letter to a single digit (A is 1, B is 2 etc.), and then working them through some simple formulas to determine the energetic vibration of a name.

[I won’t bother linking any external websites to this post because as amusing as they sometimes are, many of these websites feel like a watered down interpretation of a greater study; like, a zodiac meme one might find on social media. Fun, but incomplete.]


While pseudo spiritual websites talk about repeated number sequences as personal awakenings, manifestations, and angel numbers, this doesn’t resonate, nor does my 911 pattern feel urgent in the way we as a greater collective associate it with emergency. But there it is, most often on my clock, multiple times a week.

When I began the journey into my ancestry, I found some branches of my family tree to be sparse of information. Some individuals, due to the lack of information I have of them, call to me stronger than others, a desire to put together the pieces of their puzzle that cannot be ignored. One of those individuals being my great-great-grandfather — my trisnonno in Italian — Paolo Pucci. What I do know of Paolo is limited to that he worked for the Pacific Union Railroad after immigrating to California from Ruota, Lucca in Italy in the early 1900’s. According to family, he also maybe liked to stay up too late drinking his homemade wine and playing accordion. And in some twist of ironic fate, he was also killed by train in his early forties after having fallen asleep on the tracks on his way to work early one morning. And, Paolo was born on September 11. Yes, 9/11.


Ancestor altar photo of Haley’s trisnonno Paolo


Now this is where some might choose to click out of this abstract metaphysical blog entry, roll their eyes and never return (and hey, that’s okay!), but I suspect that if you’ve been following along with Hina Luna for a while then the notion of symbolic messages and connection to the ancestors is part of what you’re here for. I’d even bet that you too have a repeating pattern that appears in your own life. If so, I invite you read through the reflection questions at the end. The intention is that you carry these questions along with you and reflect upon them when you notice your pattern appear. Over time they may support you in noticing if there is a message there for you.

Flashing back to me sitting at my computer, typing my full birth name into the online Name Numerology Calculator, and up come my results. Three individual digits, representing different aspects of my Self. And I’m sure you can guess what they are.



*For simplicity, I will refer to whatever your repeated symbol is as “your personal pattern”.

What is the scene when you notice your personal pattern? What are you doing? Where are you? What time of day is it?

What state of mind are in you when your personal pattern appears? Or rather, how are you feeling at the time?

How does it make you feel when you notice your personal pattern?

In what form are you seeing your pattern? — time on a clock, a room number, a license plate, for example.

What other associations do you have with the symbology of your personal pattern? — for example, 911 is considered an emergency number within the collective and it’s also my ancestor’s birthday.

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