Hina Luna Blog

  • Birthday Reflections And A Family Recipe

    Birthdays have for me become less about acknowledgment and more about reflecting on my personal new-year. As I’ve connected more with my ancestral work, it has also become a time of deeper love for my ancestors, gratitude for the galaxy of complex humans who are the reason I am here today living this life. Food is central to my celebrating. Here is a family recipe I make on my own birthdays that I hope will bring joy to you too.
  • The Magic and Messages In Symbolic Patterns

    Do you see the same sequence of numbers over and over? Does an animal familiar appear to you more often than to merely be a coincidence? There is a mysterious magic in the messages of symbolic pattern. Here I share my personal pattern that I’ve seen almost daily for the past 20 years, as well as some reflection questions that might help you decode what messages are being shared with you.
  • Story Time | A Short Essay To Calm The Overwhelm

    I wrote this short essay a couple years ago, inspired by a memorable moment spent in the woods with a dear friend. As a brief reprieve from the current overwhelm of the world, I offer you this: a moment of pause to drop into an imaginary space of stripped down simplicity, of comforting quiet, and of safety in being a small creature living in loving connection with the great, wider world around you.

  • Simple Solstice Rituals for Connecting with the Energies + Elements of Summer

    The wheel of the year, meaning the months and seasons within a year, corresponds with the phases of the moon, directions [north, east, south, and west], and is associated with each of the earthly elements [earth, air, fire, and water]. Here are some simple rituals and practices for connecting with the summer season.
  • Resisting Capitalism As a Small Business

    As a working creative person, there is an exuberant amount of pressure to produce and to do so consistently. We must keep up or risk fading away; stay relevant or be forgotten. So how do we, as conscious business owners and makers, resist this system while offering our things and ideas for sale?
  • The Magic and Mundanity of Death and Grief

    After this past week, I know three things to be true: Grief is exhausting. Loss is a layered experience. Death is both magical and mundane. A new angel sits on my altar — Last Saturday, on May Day, I said goodbye to my long time animal companion. Here’s what I’m currently processing, the unexpected beauty I’ve experienced, and why grief is both nonlinear and ironically alive.

  • The Magic Of Tarot + My New Favorite Deck

    I’m pretty sure I wept a little when I first opened the box and thumbed through the cards in my hands. Each one, a visually gentle, tender expression of the deeply symbolic messages; the figures in them feel like old friends, grandparents, ancestors. The Future Ancestor Tarot is my new favorite deck to work with as it feels gently supportive at this time of great collective change and grief for so many things. To guide us, I pulled two cards from this deck for the collective — here’s what came through.
  • Seasonal Inspiration | Curating Your Own Picnic Set

    If you’re feeling the call this season to take your meals outdoors and also relish in the joy of having something to thrift for, then consider these inexpensive items for your personally curated dream picnic set...
  • Seasonal Exercise | A Personal Spring Cleaning.

    The seasons are changing and so are we. Themes of balance are swirling all around us now; renewal and decay, emergence and retreat, life and death. As we seek ways to rebalance, it is necessary to set down our baggage and reevaluate so as to travel lighter as we journey onward into the season. So with all of your “belongings” laid out in front of you, what will you choose to take?
  • PSA: Pleasure is Free | Simple Pleasures pt II

    In an age where everything has been commodified, it feels of utmost importance to remind you that pleasure is free. While I find joy and connection and comfort in things and experiences that I’ve purchased, there is an added sense of pleasure in the liberation of feeling joy at no cost. Here are some prompts to help you connect to the simple pleasures around you right now...