Hina Luna Blog

  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | `Āina Momona

    For Hawaiians, the land is not separate from the body. To care for the land is both an act of self care and a devotion to the ancestors, a reciprocal ecological relationship. ‘Āina Momona is an Indigenous-led organization working in grassroots communities to restore fragile ecosystems, promote cultural rights and practices, enhance community well-being, and advocate for native rights and social justice. Join me in learning more, sharing their work, and making a donation in solidarity.
  • The Value Of Your Pre-Order To This Very Small Business

    A micro business relies much on its community. One of the things I appreciate most about the relationship between bitty-businesses and their supporters is the understanding that good things take time — you are here because this is not Amazon. Here’s why the pre-order model is beneficial for many reasons (for both you and me!) and is key in supporting small businesses and working artists.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | The Cultural Conservancy

    The Cultural Conservancy is a Native-led non-profit organization working to protect and restore Indigenous cultures by empowering them in the direct application of traditional knowledge and practices on their ancestral lands, grounded in reciprocity. This month, I invite you to join me in donating to and uplifting their good work. Read on to learn more about this vital project.
  • Love In Action Full Moon Feature | Stop The Line 3 Pipeline

    This month’s Love In Action feature is inspired by the overwhelm of the recent UN Climate Report and the necessity to intact change in our reliance on fossil fuels. This month, I will be sending emails to representatives and donating to the coalition working to Stop Line 3, and I humbly invite you to join me.
  • Behind The Scenes Of The Curation Process

    Ever wonder how I choose the curated treasures you see in the shop? This post is a little deep dive into my past as an artistic entrepreneur [I might surprise you here] and how that prepared me for knowing what to look for when inviting other maker’s goods into the Hina Luna shop space.
  • The Complete Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Hina Luna

    A break down of everything you need to know about Hina Luna that you can find in one easy place. Things like, what it’s all about, when new offerings are released, how to get the secret passcodes to shop seasonal releases before they’re released to the public, where to find all of Hina Luna’s free offerings, and more.
  • Expressing Our Love Through Activism

    A look into the closing segment of the Hina Luna Full Moon Circle newsletter, Love In Action; a space to shine the light on a current event affecting the collective, on an inspiring individual or organization doing the good work, and an opportunity for heart-full community support through circulating information and monetary donations.
  • A Post-Release Update: Intention In Every Step

    As I create these pieces, share them, and then witness you engage with them, my intention is that every step be imbued with an experience that feels like rest for you — a moment of pause to drink in some beauty inspired by nature. In honor of the offerings themselves and the many hours that go into their creation, and in honor of you, the one to connect with them and call them in, it’s important to me that they are presented with as much love and intention as went into making them.
  • Summer Solstice Collection Inspiration

    On June 10th, a new moon solar eclipse, Hina Luna is releasing a Summer Solstice Collection of offerings adorned in hand printed fragrant, ornamental, and edible plants to delight your imaginary senses. Get ready to elevate your sleeping space or favorite nap time nook...
  • Resisting Capitalism As a Small Business

    As a working creative person, there is an exuberant amount of pressure to produce and to do so consistently. We must keep up or risk fading away; stay relevant or be forgotten. So how do we, as conscious business owners and makers, resist this system while offering our things and ideas for sale?
  • The Magic Of Tarot + My New Favorite Deck

    I’m pretty sure I wept a little when I first opened the box and thumbed through the cards in my hands. Each one, a visually gentle, tender expression of the deeply symbolic messages; the figures in them feel like old friends, grandparents, ancestors. The Future Ancestor Tarot is my new favorite deck to work with as it feels gently supportive at this time of great collective change and grief for so many things. To guide us, I pulled two cards from this deck for the collective — here’s what came through.
  • An Update From the Studio + A First Look

    There’s much happening behind the scenes of Hina Luna lately and it’s been some time since I’ve given a glimpse past the curtain. You could say Spring is having its effect on things around here, stirring the pot of ideas, shaking out the rugs of the mind, opening the windows of creativity; Hina Luna is feeling activated and inspired; a vessel open. Here’s an update!