Summer Solstice Collection ‘21 Inspiration

*From Hina Luna’s Summer Solstice Offerings 2021

Sognare [Italian] v. 1. dream 2. daydream

The flower of the year is reaching its full unfurling as we, in the northern hemisphere, near the summer solstice. In moon terms, this would be the ripened phase of fullness before waning inward in the harvest months of autumn. Traditionally in European cultures, the start of summer was marked by May Day in celebration of fertility and the start of the growing season.  The middle of June was considered the height of summer and the peak of the agricultural season whereas now, we honor it as the start of summer.

In Celtic folklore, the night of midsummer was when the fae would come out to play and make their mischief, as portrayed in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Elizabethan era Rom-Com is famed for its imagination and lighthearted, playful, and sometimes chaotic exploration of love and the magical illusions that take place in the fantastical fairy forest. Midsummer’s luxurious frivolity and whimsy has been serving as a source of inspiration for Hina Luna’s coming collection of solstice offerings both literally and in more ethereal, abstract ways. 


Hina Luna’s Summer Solstice Collection of block printed pillowcases inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream


The theme of sleep and dreaming has brought the return of something from Hina Luna’s early days with indigo but in a completely reimagined way. Get ready to elevate your sleeping space or favorite nap time nook with a warm, solar inspired palette of linen pillowcases adorned in hand printed fragrant, ornamental, and edible plants to delight your imaginary senses. It’s been several years since Hina Luna’s first small collection of pillowcases, and now I welcome this offering back with fresh inspiration and a deeper respect and understanding of the magical symbolism of this everyday item.

I can’t help but proselytize the good word of Tricia Hersey, creator of the Nap Ministry, an organization who believes in rest as a form of resistance to capitalistic grind culture and a means of reparations to Black folks and people of color. Over the past year, the Nap Ministry’s message has gifted me the opportunity to reflect on my own relationship to rest and all of the many ways I can invite it into my life that go beyond a blessed afternoon nap.  For myself, rest has taken the form of regularly caring for my home space as a form of self care, creating without attachment to outcome, resisting saying “yes” when I really want to say “no”, sleeping or laying down when my body is tired, and reveling daily in the simple pleasures around me.

As we’ve collectively endured over two years of pandemic, many (myself included) are reevaluating our values — what do we care about most, what do we want in our lives, and how do we prioritize them. The Nap Ministry has been instrumental in encouraging folks to rest not so that we can return to a state of productivity but for the sake of self and communal care. When we are resting we are able to dream; yes, as we’re sleeping, but also in the sense that when we allow ourselves the time and space to pause, we make room for dreaming up visions for how to live our best lives.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is sprinkled with the mention of many magical plants. Upon further inquiry, one will learn that “woodbine” is an old folk name for honeysuckle and “eglantine” a type of wild rose. Figs, jasmine, and more make their presence throughout the story, each symbolizing a deeper hidden meaning. Working with the symbolism of plants is one of the pillars of inspiration for Hina Luna and referencing this seasonal classic as a source for botanical brainstorming was a dream of its own. 


Hina Luna work in progress block printing the summer solstice collection of pillowcases


Fragrant florals of rose, honeysuckle, and jasmine adorn this collection as an invitation to indulge in the imaginary sensual pleasure of laying your head upon these scented flowers as you rest. Fig is featured for the sensuality of its fruit, a symbol of fertility [creative, energetic momentum, new beginnings], and the sweet delicacy of consuming it, typically in summertime. Mugwort wisps and weaves through the other plant elements as a visionary support for connecting to the dream realm. The moon, marks the passing of time [as it also does in Shakespeare’s story], and honors the keeper of the night sky and the dreaming hours.

My intention with this collection of beautiful bed linens is to imbue intention into an everyday object and to inspire deep rest, pleasure, sensual delight, playful magic, and an abundance of leisure to your summer season.

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What am I finding pleasure in in this current season?

What is one thing that delights each of my senses this season: to see, to touch, to taste, to smell, to hear.

How can I create more time and space for this?


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