A flat lay of plant dyed and block printed altar cloths made by Hina Luna

Sacred Symbology

I can find symbolism in just about anything; to me, everything within context means something. Enough presence and time [observation] will reveal that every little thing has a story to tell and a message to share.

The symbols and imagery that feel as though they parallel our lives or represent an aspect of our innermost selves can become sacred. These symbols serve as reminders for where we’ve come from, the things we’ve endured, the highest version of ourselves we’re working towards being, memories of things we’ve lost; they feel deeply personal.

My evolving relationship with this creative entity I call Hina Luna is a devotion to the concept of body and home as an altar. Through the work I do in my home studio to the curations I collect for the shop, I am exploring what it means to participate in a mindful practice of adorning yourself and your space in visual reminders of what is sacred to you. When you dress your self, it means choosing with intention that which you wish to embody, through consideration of color, pattern, texture, comfort, shape. When tending to your living space, it means decorating with simple treasures that inspire you on your journey and make your shelter feel like a home.

The art of adornment is a primordial, innate desire to collect and to decorate and to express what exists in the deepest parts of us. Certain colors, symbology, and nature allies can together represent our unique stories and become magical tools to support us in this lifetime.

What color evokes feelings of home?

Which plants speak to you?

Who are your animal familiars?

Which of the natural elements do you share energy with?

The ways in which you choose to interact with your answers to the above questions, the ways in which you adorn and practice ritual and mindful presence become a celebration of who you are; a reclamation of your self, your time and your personal magic.

With plant dyes being at the heart of my creative work, color holds a special kind of magic for the offerings that come out of the studio. The palettes I work with go through phases, a period of deep exploration into warm earth hues eventually yields to the deep blues of precious indigo. I work my way through the color wheel with the turning of the wheel of the year as a response to the needs of the collective.

Watery blues for Pisces season and wide open skies, verdant greens in honor of Spring and beginning, solar hues for the blooming blossoms in Summer, rich warming tones to carry us through a cold Winter.

Plants, animals, and the celestial realm lend inspiration and their image to the thematic concepts of each Hina Luna collection. They help to tell a story too big for words to hold and they offer the opportunity for varying interpretation.

Rose as a balm for your tender heart, artichoke because even under all the armor they have hearts too, fig for fertility in all of its forms, nasturtium and rosemary for vitality and resilience, a clay vessel filling another because those are the times we’re in.

Through the powerful symbology of color and imagery, Hina Luna’s works are offerings for the collective. They’re for me in the experience of creating them, and they’re for you, to adorn your body, your home, your altars with the sacred symbols that hold your story.



What colors are you resonating with at this phase of life?

What symbology [colors, elements, animals, plants] feels representative of your heart space?

How are your personal symbols present in your daily life?

What do these symbols offer you?

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