A Post-Release Update: Intention In Every Step

An update from the studio, post Summer Solstice Offerings release!

A new collection of offerings was released this week Thursday on the new moon solar eclipse; a collection in honor of the fruitful summer season, deep rest and abundant leisure, and, being the metaphorical full moon of the seasonal wheel and when the sun is most present, an honoring of the light within.

With this collection came a mini batch of peachy, solar-hued plant dyed altar cloths adorned in block printed imagery of honeysuckle, jasmine, pomegranate, mugwort, the full moon, and the sun as well as a reinvented creation from the Hina Luna archives: linen bed pillowcases. I’m grateful and pleasantly surprised to say that the pillowcases went quickly and I look forward to bringing them back next season, perhaps with new botanical imagery and an expanded palette. [what colors are you craving?]

A new curated treasure also made its debut with this collection; a stunningly beautiful and functional [my favorite combo] creation that I’ve been a fan of for several years. I first learned of Michelle Russi’s pressed flower beeswax candles while perusing a small shop in the California Bay Area while visiting family some years ago. Michelle’s work, which she creates under the name Laughing Candles inspired by her son, is a devotion to the balance between beauty and purpose, which resonates so deeply with the ethos of this space and is why I am so excited to welcome Laughing Candle’s pressed flower beeswax tapers to Hina Luna. Each pair is uniquely decorated with colorful, dried petals that Michelle grows herself, and there truly are no two candles alike. How special!


The inspiration for this solstice collection, as I shared more deeply in last week’s blog post, is a loose interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Ethereal imagery, rich colors of warm earth and ripe fruit, flowers everywhere, and items that support and encourage rest create this collection that is aesthetically dreamy and romantic. As I create these pieces, share them, and then witness you engage with them, my intention is that every step be imbued with an experience that feels like rest for you — a moment of pause to drink in some beauty inspired by nature. I desire the presentation of these artworks — be it on the website, on Instagram, or the boxes that arrive at your door — to feel like a deep exhale, like a place of visual refuge.

As I spent the morning packaging up yesterday’s orders, I noticed two things that I often reflect on each time I’m preparing several packages at once: one, “wow, this takes me a long time!”, and two, “for me there is no other option than to make the packaging as special as the pieces they contain”. In honor of the offerings themselves and the many hours that go into their creation, and in honor of you, the one to connect with them and call them in, it’s important to me that they are presented with as much love and intention as went into making them.


Hina Luna packaging wrapped in brown kraft paper and tied with a plant dyed ribbon


Once in your hands, the unboxing is to be an experience of its own. Each package containing pieces from this collection is accompanied by a summer time poem by the wonderful, late Mary Oliver printed on handmade paper, along with a personal, hand written note, a specially picked for you Plant Ally Talisman card to inspire, and a sprinkling of dried flowers [as I said before, flowers everywhere].


Hina Luna shipping packaging includes dried flower petals, a handwritten personalized note, a poem for the season, and a plant ally talisman card to inspire.


And so, as these pieces reach you, whether it be scrolling through the digital realm or a physical box arriving at your door, I sincerely hope that my love and attentiveness to the plant allies, the designs, the colors, the concepts, the presentation, and to you is felt. These creations are my offering to the altar that is you.

The next seasonal release will be this fall in September/October. Until then... rest well, play well, dream deeply, and enjoy a wondrous summer.

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