New Year Reflections: Visions On The Front-Burner For 2022

As we journey through a year, there are a series of check-in points. Times when we end one thing and begin another, set personal goals or hold visions for things to aspire to, and abundant moments that call for reflection. A new calendar year is just one of them.

Fall and winter is Hina Luna’s full moon phase, a time when the shop is its most active. Naturally there’s always a point about half way through the season — usually inkling around early November — when I take a mental inventory of my offerings, what’s inspiring me, and what I’m feeling called to let go of and invite in.

Beginning on the winter solstice, I took some time away from the noise of social media for a ten day reset.

During this much welcomed break from the pressure to post and mindless scrolling, my creative embers caught fire again. I conversed with my muses, identified how they are showing up in my life, and meditated on why they’re here, now.

What am I, personally, creatively calling for?

What is an offering I can make to the collective at this time? 

Ultimately the short-answer feels like more space.

For rest. For self love. For letting things unfold at their natural pace. For seeing what will come of it. For going easy. For more beauty. For bearing witness to simple pleasures.

For more pleasure.


Hina Luna new year intention for more space, including new morning rituals.

[honoring ‘more space’ in my own life with gentle morning rituals and moments of pause. I shopped by own shop and adopted one of Leigh Patterson’s Moon Lists — a prompted journal for the non-journaler.] 


Of course at some point I reckoned with the fact that for the sake of my business I’d need to return to the Gram — which gratefully truly is a source of connection for myself with the community I’ve cultivated there. What I took away from my reset though, was — unsurprisingly — a desire for more space.

Allowance to retreat from tech-duties for my creative health.

Permission to let a project unfurl slowly over several months.

I’m feeling called back to some foundational elements of Hina Luna’s ethos.

One being the offering of an experience. From reading through blog entries, to perusing treasures on the website, to the selection of the things you wish to call home, to the receiving of the package at your door, to the joyful process of accepting them into your home, to the ongoing cultivation of a relationship with these treasures as you interact with them in your life — I wish it all to be an indulgence in beauty that inspires a greater connection to your self, your home, your ancestors, and the world around you. I wish it to be whatever you need for it be — a balm that enters your sphere just when you need it to.

Stay tuned for the first release of 2022

A winter slumber vision is continuing to take shape — a Valentine offering. While this will surely make a thoughtful gift for another, the ultimate intention for this to be a gift to the self. A love letter. A devotion to your self love.

The presentation of this offering is feeling just as important as the thing itself, and I’m currently spending much of my days searching for and curating just the right pieces to convey this conceptual Venusian influence. More is to come very soon, but in the meantime…

A short-list of what’s on the conceptual front-burner

Silk ribbon
The inner and outer natures of shells
How pearls are formed (there’s an unavoidable metaphor there…)
The Birth Of Venus
The Baroque era
Love letters
Handmade paper
The body as an altar as a home (always)

Valentine release expected February 1, a new moon. Join the email list to be stay connected.


Art by Jose Manuel Ballester, a painting interpretation of Boticelli’s Birth of Venus without the figures

(Interpretation of Boticelli’s Birth Of Venus by artist Jose Manuel Ballester)

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