Hina luna love in action feature red hill tank shut down

Love In Action Full Moon Feature | Protect Oahu’s Water From The US Navy

Ola i ka wai | Water is life


Hina luna love in action red hill shut down


This month’s full moon Love In Action feature brings us to the islands I am privileged to call home. While the issue is not on the particular island I live on, the chain of Hawaiian islands are united as one in many ways and what is affecting a neighbor makes an impact on the greater island collective.
As you may have heard through the news or social media shares, fuel from the US Navy Red Hill bulk fuel storage facility has made its way into drinking water and has poisoned thousands of people on the island of O`ahu here in Hawai`i. This station provided 20% of O`ahu’s urban population with water. Despite complaints from their own families and neighbors of oily sheens in their tap water, overwhelming diesel-like fumes, and widespread health problems, Navy leaders are lacking in urgency to do something about it. Now they are contesting the emergency order calling for the defueling of the tanks for the safety of Oʻahu’s people and environment.
Currently the contamination is limited to areas serviced by the Navy’s water system but only time will tell. The Honolulu Board of Water Supply has shut down its nearby wells as a precaution and residents across the island are being asked to conserve water.


The Red Hill tanks must be shut down immediately.

 For 50 years and counting, the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is working to advance climate solutions, act for justice, and protect Hawai‘i’s lands, water, air, and wildlife. 
Visit their website to learn more about their efforts to shut down Red Hill, and get involved by signing petitions, contacting representatives and making a donation.

Get Involved

✷ Sign the O`ahu Water Protectors petition here

✷ Donate to Sierra Club Hawai’i

✷ Become a member of the Sierra Club


Hina luna love in action


Want to know more about Hina Luna’s Love In Action

Every full moon, Hina Luna sends out an inspiring four-part newsletter missive. The closing segment of the newsletter is called Love In Action and is a space to shine the light on a current event affecting the collective, on an inspiring individual or organization doing the good work, and an opportunity for heart-full community support through circulating information and a invitation to contribute with direct monetary donations. In solidarity and not charity. Read more here


Acknowledging the life and work of bell hooks 

bell hooks 1952-2021

I would like to close this month’s Love In Action feature with an acknowledgement of the passing of bell hooks this week. Author, teacher, feminist, social activist. Through her philosophies she taught us that “love is an action“.  Beyond a feeling, beyond intent, “love is built” and is best expressed through our action. bell has inspired Hina Luna’s Love In Action. It’s an invitation, and a reminder (for myself included), to participate in the change we seek. And now another good one joins the ancestors.
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