Autumnal Equinox Collection ‘21 Inspiration

*From Hina Luna Fall Winter 2021 release

In just two days, on Monday September 6th, a new moon, the Hina Luna shop will become a cornucopia of magical treasures to carry us through the Fall and Winter season. This chapter of the year is consistently the full moon phase for Hina Luna; a time of personal celebration of my own cycle around the sun and an honoring of the season of slowing down and the abundant offerings of the harvest season.

While studio releases do occur quarterly around each Equinox and Solstice time, the Autumnal Equinox release is the biggest of the year. As I’ve spent much of the past year slowly expanding upon the curated treasures you see in the shop that complement my own studio-made textile creations, the coming seasonal release will feature many new artisans and makers that I am thrilled to welcome into the Hina Luna space.

Divided into six collections — altar, home, studio-made, journals/books/zines, art/stationary, and gift sets — you will be able to peruse these new offerings by interest. The new studio-made collection is a filtered shop section to peruse only Hina Luna made pieces, everything from altar cloths to new 2022 moon calendars. Another new addition, the gift sets section, is intended to be an easy-to-browse collection of ready-to-go gifts that have already been thoughtfully curated and come complete with a greeting card.


Hina Luna’s Ancestral Altar gift set, for building your own ancestor altar at home

[the Ancestral Altar gift set; providing foundational pieces for building your own altar to your ancestors.]


If I were to try to sum up the ethos of this seasonal collection in just a word I couldn’t; it’s more like a collection of experiences and feelings that one may experience when they feel at home. As I talk about regularly in this space, Hina Luna is a creative exploration into the intersecting concepts of body, altar, and home. This collection is all of these things with a heavy lean on home.


A collection of Hina Luna’s Fall equinox offerings

[a collection of some of the new offerings coming with Monday’s Equinox release] 

Plant dyed Cucina kitchen flour sack tea towels in a warm, earthy color palette

[plant dyed Cucina Flour Sack Kitchen Towels for draping over rising dough, keeping bread warm at the table, furoshiki wrapping lunches and gifts, or catching drips off of wet dishes — for anything your Nonna would have used them for.]


This will be evident in offerings such as the new plant dyed and block printed Cucina Kitchen Towels, art prints, recipe keeper books, herbal homestead and winter wellness books, and linen pinafore aprons, but the concept of home weaves through this collection in more ways than simply the literal. Vessel symbology [which you know I love] is present in a new triad of art prints from Shannon Contreras, mirroring and symbolizing the body and a house of the spirit. A Spanish edition of the traditional Smith/Rider/Waite tarot deck is an invitation for more inclusivity and accessibility, welcoming more folks to feel at home with the magic of the cards. A collection of books from Brittany Wood Nickerson provide nourishing herbal, from-the-kitchen support for seasonal wellness and for connecting to the cycles of our own bodies.

What I hope is that each treasure you find in the shop will remind you of what brings you joy, of what gives you a sense of belonging, of what connects you to the greater web of your life.

Haley of Hina Luna putting some finishing touches on a block printed altar cloth


Equinox Offerings will go live to the public at 12pm hst on Monday September 6th, 2021

*Email list subscribers will receive a secret passcode the morning of the release that will grant early access to the new Equinox Offerings. To receive this passcode, join the email list!

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