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Expressing Our Love Through Activism | An In-Depth Look At Love In Action

At this time in our world we are being reminded that we are all connected; that the issues one community faces is correlated with that of another community, that when it comes to both planet and people, the wellbeing of one is the reflection of the true wellbeing of all.

For the past few years, every full moon, Hina Luna has sent off lunar love letters to the inboxes of an intimate group of readers I call the Hina Luna Full Moon Circle. In 2020, what was offered in this space underwent a reinvention and is now a consistent collection of reflections divided into four segments: Moon Musings, a Featured Offering from the Hina Luna shop, a Simple Pleasure, and finally, Love In Action.

Like much of my work with Hina Luna, the Love In Action segment required some sitting with in order to properly define the intention I had for this feature, and the welcomed help of a friend supported in naming exactly what it was I was wanting to communicate — an expression of love through activism. As the late belle hooks taught us, “love is an action”, or to summarize the words of Rachel Cargle, knowledge leads to empathy leads to action.

This closing segment of the newsletter circle is a space to shine the light on a current event affecting the collective, on an inspiring individual or organization doing the good work, and an opportunity for heart-full community support through circulating information and monetary donations. An act of solidarity not charity.

Instead of choosing to periodically donate a portion of the shop’s proceeds to an organization [which Hina Luna also participates in] and stopping there, my hope is that the Love In Action segment will inspire you to visit the websites of the featured individuals and organizations, commit to learning more, and give what you can without a third party [like myself] involved.

I first saw this model of a business encouraging a redistribution of wealth paired with “knowledge, empathy, and action” introduced by the team at East Fork Pottery, where they only allow access to their exclusive collection of “seconds” pieces with proof of donation to a grassroots organization or individual “working toward racial equity, community reconciliation, and supporting the liberation of folks who’ve been systematically oppressed by white supremacy, patriarchy, and heteronormativity.” How it works is East Fork asks you to learn about the works of one of these organizations and point you to where to donate to sustain that work. Then you donate any dollar amount, submit your screenshot and then they give you a password to shop their collection of imperfect [and highly sought after] “seconds”.

As East Fork also expressed when they launched this model last year, it’s easy enough for buyers to feel like they’re contributing to causes when the businesses they’re buying from claim to donate the proceeds on their behalf, but to encourage your customers to learn and empathize and act on their own efforts instills the previously missing piece of self-accountability. To explore and engage with these foundations on one’s own will surely offer an opportunity for learning and experiencing a perspective outside one’s own which is the gateway to empathy and compassion, the heart of the inspiration to give.

While I have a vision to develop a system within the Hina Luna space that weaves Love in Action into to the shopping experience, for now it exists as a monthly feature within the Full Moon Circle Newsletter, inviting you to listen, to learn, and to share. This is part of community care and, for myself, a facet to running an ethical business.

Below is a list of the Love In Action spotlights Hina Luna has featured over the last ten months since the creation of this segment. I invite you to explore their resources, subscribe to their newsletters, read their articles, listen to their podcasts, and where you feel inspired, give in support. Give what you can. Any amount no matter how small can contribute to making a big, lasting impact.

Love In Action featured organizations, foundations + individuals

The following is a list of past Love In Action newsletter features prior to the added monthly blog spotlight.

Native Land Map an interactive world map for learning the names of the Indigenous People’s who belong to the land you live on

The Navajo and Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund crowd-funded relief organization distributing food, medical supplies, and basic necessities to Navajo and Hopi communities heavily impacted by Covid

Ibram X. Kendi author of the New York Times bestseller How To Be An Anti-Racist

Loveland Foundation founded by Rachel Cargle, providing therapy to Black women and girls

The Nap Ministry founded by Nap Bishop Tricia Hersey who preaches the necessity of rest as resistance to grind-culture and a means of reparations

AAPI Women Lead centering the voices of Asian and Pacific Islanders

Sonya Renee Taylor poet, activist, leader, and author of The Body Is Not An Apology

Middle East Children’s Alliance [MECA] a nonprofit organization working for the rights and the well-being of children in the Middle East

Anti-Racism Daily sharing free, accessible information and news and action steps for doing something about it.

NDN Collective an indigenous-led organization dedicated to building indigenous power 

*if you would like to submit a recommendation for an individual or grassroots organization to feature in a future Love In Action, email or connect on Instagram

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