A Visual Diary: Venusian Muses

Hina Luna started the usual quarterly collection release a little early for 2022. A post-holiday winter’s rest gave space for fresh visions which couldn’t help but come to life before spring had sprung. What began as part of an ongoing unfolding of the bridges between the concepts of body, altar, and home, evolved into a thematically indulgent ode to Venus inspired aesthetic and energies. Venus (or Aphrodite as called in Greece) feels like an embodiment of all of these concepts of body, altar, and home and the beautiful threads that connect them to each other.

As I explored the many forms of Venusian presence in nature, architecture, and mood, I compiled a vision board to tell the story of what resonated. I invite you to join me — to indulge in the visuals, all of the beauty, and to let your own mind and heart be inspired by what Venus means for you.

Visit the Venusian vision board here

Hina luna Pinterest board inspiring the valentine release for 2022

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