It’s November! A Look At New Treasures That Have Arrived This Week

November is here! As sad as I always am to bid farewell to October, the holiday season is growing nearer and I’m relishing the sweet spiral of desire to rest more, nourish the body with warming foods and tea [currently very much enjoying Rishi teas], and tending to the nest of home. I have spent much of this week also tending to and dressing up the home[page] of the Hina Luna webshop in effort to make the shopping experience as genuinely inspiring as possible as you peruse the perfect treasures for your loved ones.

New things continue to arrive…

A Hina Luna favorite has returned!

This week Hina Luna welcomed back the beloved Dirt Gems Plant Ally Oracle Deck after too many weeks without [I’m so happy the Hina Luna community is loving it as much as I do!]. After selling out of a second batch in the shop, creators Annie and Chelsea were simultaneously wrapping up revisions on their second edition of the deck, one that features fourteen repainted cards, all new card back art, metallic gilded edges, and sturdier redesigns of the guidebook and card box. So after some time missing these dreamy cards, I am excited to share that another batch of decks has just landed in the shop and are ready to make their way home to you.


Hina Luna Dirt Gems Botanical Oracle Deck + Guidebook 

Hina Luna Dirt Gems Botanical Oracle Deck + Guidebook

Hina Luna Dirt Gems Botanical Oracle Deck + Guidebook


California landscape inspired stoneware

Also just in is a small collection of handcrafted stoneware taper candleholders from artist Sara Carlson of California. The unglazed organic quality of these pieces make them feel perfectly suitable resting on the bedside table to bring warm, gentle light to a winter room or as the centerpiece to an intimate meal. I’m loving them as vessels to hold these twisted beeswax tapers by candle maker Wolf Pachacuti or these pressed flower beeswax tapers by Michelle of Laughing Candles. What’s more to love is that with a background in and dedication to nonprofit service, Sara donates a portion of sales to intersectional environmental justice organizations uplifting BIPOC voices and dismantling white supremacy. Hina Luna is proud to support makers doing good work through their creative works and for this I am truly happy to welcome Sara and her stoneware to the shop.



Something to dream on

Also freshly added to the Home collection, is an all new set of linen pillowcases. Just one pair is available as this was a wild-card addition to October’s preorders. As an artist it feels necessary to keep new creative ideas in circulation with the repeated favorites and this pillowcase set is a testament to that. A true terracotta-planter-pot ink is printed on cream [warm white] linen, resulting in a subtle beauty that is intended to pair effortlessly with your current bedding or with another pair of Hina Luna pillowcases you may have from earlier in the season. Block printed imagery of yarrow, the serpent and the moon are connected to themes of protection, healing and transformation from work done in the dream realm. Once this set is spoken for, pillowcases will return again after the new year.


[image above: a new set of block printed linen pillowcases. *Also, a note on pillowcase arrangement — I design each pair to be a mirror of one another. For example, the pair above can be arranged on a bed with the pillow on the right having the print at the bottom facing upright, and the pillow on the left having the print at the top facing downward. I find this makes them feel like an interacting pair.] 


Luxurious, nourishing, and artful: a winning combination

Ah, if only technology had the capabilities of communicating scent! A new maker to the Hina Luna shop family, Dear Botanicals creates artisan bar soaps that are as nourishing for the skin as they are artful for the eyes. And they smell absolutely divine. Coconut milk, shea butter, olive oil, lightly scented with natural essential oils, and tuned with earth pigments [the indigo one!], a bar of soap has perhaps never before been a more purposeful and beautiful gift. A perfectly thoughtful little something for the host, your friend group, a coworker, a neighbor — truly any body. Current selected includes Indigo, Ochre [limited seasonal offering], and Terrazzo [beautifully flecked with “waste ends” of other bars]. I can’t choose a favorite.



Staying present while looking ahead

And as we stay present in the joy of the current season, we can also look forward to preparing for the new year ahead. After admiring the beautiful simplicity of their work for some time, I am very excited to welcome Wilde House Paper of San Luis Obispo, California to the Hina Luna shop. This curated collection of simple planners, monthly calendar pads, and intentional wall calendars are tools to support the activities of your life while also making space for intention setting, dreaming and self care. The beauty lies in the details like delicate gold foil accents and the delicious textures of blind letterpress printing.



A final note on holiday shopping pressure

With all of this year’s holiday pressures to buy early, Hina Luna is here to help guide you with what you need to know — cut off dates, carrier delays and price changes. That is of course if you have expectations for delivery times [as many do when gifting for the holidays.] And also, Hina Luna is a small business rooted in values of discernment and inspiration when making purchases, and so I want to reiterate what I hope is a clear message in this space: shop your values. In other words, holiday pressures run the risk of pushing folks into poor shopping decision making. Let’s try to not fall victim. In addition to thoughtfully shopping our essential needs, I also believe in buying for joy [also with discernment] and that includes gifts.

Hina Luna is a curated space of offerings created with love by human hands; humans who love what they do and are compensated well for it; who use materials that are gentle on the earth and the life that depends on it; makers who are working for social, racial and climate justice; makers who use the profits they make from their own small business to support a fellow small business or nonprofit. In short, when you are choosing to shop here, know that you can shop your values and feel good about the gifts you are giving and the people they come from.

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