A Deep Dive Into Venusian Influences And The Body, Altar, Home Tees

A body is an altar is a home. This is a love letter to yours.


The first release of 2022 has arrived and it has come early. More than a month ahead of a usual annual spring equinox debut, this offering is a years-long intention now coming to fruition. It’s an offering intended for the self, to serve as a reminder of the magic contained in your one precious vessel.

Steeped in conceptual themes and inspirations, I invite you to join me in a deep dive, a tour of my creative mind and heart space while bringing this offering to life. This offering is for us — to our individual bodies and to our body as a collective. May these concepts resonate with you and inspire your own reflections.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

The circle of body, altar, and home

Hina Luna is a continuous unraveling of the layers the wrap together the concepts of body, altar, and home. Standing alone in their own worlds of rich metaphors and interpretations, part of the work of Hina Luna is to discover the bridges that connect these conceptual islands to one another. The theoretical map I’ve drawn is a circular one — an infinite loop between these three concepts, one flowing into the other into the next and back again. The feel synonymous, interchangeable.

The body is a home to spirit, to desire, to pleasure, to pain, to the full spectrum of the brief human experience.

The body is also an altar. A living devotion to our ancestors and to all that came before and that which will come after. A place to make offerings of radical self love, nourishment for the body to thrive, a shrine to adorn, a terrain to lovingly tend to.

A home is a body of its own. One that feels best when tended to and has a heart (the kitchen, perhaps?).

A home is altar of many little altars. A spirit for every room and various ways of expressing our devotion to each.

An altar is both home and body, taking shape in endless forms, residing both anywhere and everywhere.


Aesthetically influencing through…

The lives of shells.

Tide pools.

The artist’s muse: a currently relevant classic

Who is she?

In Greece she is known as Aphrodite. In Roman mythology she is Venus. Goddess of love, beauty, peace, cultivated fields and gardens. Also, in the celestial realm, Venus is “The Morning Star” because the planet shines so brightly that it’s the first “star” to appear after the sun sets and the last to disappear when the sun rises again.


Venus embodies rebirth, even said to be associated with that of civilization, representing a new hope and a geopolitical, social, and cultural shift.

Inspiration from fifteenth century Italy

The Birth Of Venus, painted by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli in the 1480’s, depicts Venus — goddess of love and beauty — arriving at the shore of the island of Cyprus after her birth, when she emerged from a seashell fully-grown. Blown to shore by the rose petal winds of Zephyr and Aura, Venus is greeted by Hora holding the cloak of spring.


Botticelli’s Birth Of Venus inspiring Hina Luna’s Venusian Valentine offering

[Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, painted in the 1480’s in Italy. One of the aesthetic and thematic influences of Hina Luna’s Venusian Valentine offering. See here for a visual diary of inspirations influencing this collection.]


 Venus stands in her scallop shell like a glowing pearl, modest, covering her nakedness with her hands and long hair.


Aesthetically influencing through…

Silk ribbon.

Ornate baroque style (though some centuries later)

Shell inspired color palette.

Soft textures.

Indulgence in simple pleasures.

Something else to consider

When an irritant works its way into the home body of a mollusk, the creature, in defense, layers a protective coating around the irritant until a lustrous pearl is formed. This process from pest to pearl can take up to three years.

This to me feels rich in metaphor. I’ll leave space for you reflect on your own interpretations for this one.


Something to adorn your body, altar, home

After some years, a wearable offering has returned to Hina Luna, this time in the form of cozy hemp and organic cotton (unisex) tees adorned simply in plant dyes (or ”in the nude” like Venus herself) and a circular, infinite love spell on your chest.

Dyed tees have been naturally dyed in small batches using exhaust dye baths used and saved up over the past year. The dyes had been intuitively blended and prepared like the best kitchen-made magic, and previously used to naturally color collections of altar cloths. Now they shine in their final act to adorn your body.


Hina luna body altar home tee on the rocks by the sea

Hina luna plant dyed body altar home tee laying on the rocks by the ocean in the golden light


A way to waste-not and to honor our collective journey over the past year. Each tee is unique in its personality and tone but has come from the same color baths. They are shirt siblings, if you will; unique to their own and yet connected to a greater web.

Colors vary from pale warm sand to blushing pink to champagne lavender-gray. Think, all of the luminescent shades of a pearl and the dawn-colors in the interior of a shell.


Haley wears an undyed Body altar home tee


They will come lovingly wrapped with Venusian influences of silky ribbon and dried rose petals, accompanied by a love letter to you.


Pairs well with…

Your favorite pair of undwear.

A nourishing body butter.

Something that delights your tastebuds.

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