10 Small Businesses I Love And That Are On My Wishlist

It’s true what they say: that when you buy from a small business, someone does a happy dance. I am really truly, genuinely grateful for every single person that chooses to support Hina Luna when there are so many dang options out there. For every person that these treasures speak to, for those committed to shopping their values, you keep me going.

Until recently, this art passion turned micro business was not my only financial life-support. In all honesty, entering this new territory of diving in head first and trusting can feel like a tightrope walk. This platform has both helped me connect with a wonderful community and also can feel at times like it’s bouncing me off the line. Imposter syndrome and self doubt are real when you put yourself and your creativity out there. To know that there are folks out there resonating with what I have to offer stokes my fire to continue dreaming and creating.

That said, I want to acknowledge my fellow small biz owners out there doing so much behind the scenes. The solo-shows like myself who play all the parts of maker, photographer, creative director, website designer, customer service person, order fulfiller, shipper, and more — I see you! Small biz can be 24/7 biz and yet we’re doing what we love and changing the game.

Thank you for being here for it. ♥︎

A short-list of 10 small business favorites

A mix of makers and businesses whose goods I love and use in my life daily and items I covet and are on my personal wish-list. All by really good people.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Amber Fort bedding

Ethically made in India by skilled block printers, Tessa is bringing all the goodness and beauty that hemp has to offer. A sustainable fiber resource that is superior in its temperature regulating abilities, durability, and texture. I have and love a pair of her ash stripe pillowcases. Also, the branding is swoon worthy.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Amanda Hunt jewelry

Besides my grandmother’s rings, the only other pieces that adorn my hands happen to be made by Amanda. She has a way of imbuing into her pieces a deep reverence for nature and interprets greater concepts into simple, timeless shapes of metal and stone. 


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Amelia Wrede Davis pottery

Made by a one-woman show in the PNW, Amelia’s thoughtfully made pottery inspires a connection to the ritual of a good meal. She is also committed to her values and efforts —as an individual and a small business — in working towards social and climate justice.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

East Fork Pottery dish ware and home goods

There’s a lot I love about East Fork — their ethos as a socially conscious small biz, their stellar product photography, Connie’s witty copy writing, and of course the quality of their goods. EF is a big part in my personal kitchen magic making and humbly elevates every meal to feel like a special one.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

GDS Cloth Goods reusable coffee filters and aprons

Made in Oakland, California with attention to craftsmanship and an admirable intention for longevity. My first purchase was a Good Apron in recycled denim (yes, I opted for the custom chain-stitch embroidery!) and then came back for a cloth coffee filter for my partner’s morning caffeine ritual. Durable, well made, and beautiful in their simplicity. 


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Hana Hou/Cultivar island made beauty and traditions

A local favorite. I don’t make it over to Hilo too often but when I do, Hana Hou is a must stop. Thoughtfully, fine crafted traditional Hawaiian hala woven goods and weaving tools, curated island made clothing, zero waste lifestyle goods and refill station — things that truly support the ethos of “buy less, choose better, make it last.”


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Kepola Design House island made linen clothing

Made with love and care and a keen eye for simple beauty in Kona. Effortless linen pieces that are to be the not-so-basic basics in your closet. Crafted from start to finish by just one woman, these pieces are a commitment to adorning with intention.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Miracle Plum pantry and bottle shop

Located in Santa Rosa, California with a great selection of pantry goods and tableware available online, Miracle Plum is an ode to food and the magic of gathering around the table. Thoughtfully curated and owned by two women with a good eye and palate for all things beautiful and delicious.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

QB Cucina pasta making tools, recipe books, and beauty from Italia

A newly launched small business that now occupies much of my personal wish list. Especially the wood and brass pasta making tools imported from Italy that are works of art themselves. Inspiring the old-way practice of food preparation as ceremony.


Hina Luna’s ten favorite small businesses blog post

Sun Moon small batch skin care and homewares 

Made in the PNW, inspired by Sera’s Moroccan ancestral roots. I’ve been using the Cactus Water facial oil, Coffee Cream, and Green Clay Mask and it’s become a ritual I look forward to every evening. 


There are many more amazing people whom I admire out there in the world of small business. People creating from the heart and doing good for the greater collective through their work. My hope is that together we can commit to supporting small businesses with every purchase we make.

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